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Workgroup Experimental Physics I / Light-Matter-Interaction

The workgroup Experimental Physics I / Light-Matter-Interaction is led by Prof. Dr. Kilian Singer.

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UNIKAT ideas competition: "PEERSCOPE" awarded the special prize of the Unternehmerverband Nordhessen

Thomas Meyer (Unternehmerverband Nordhessen ), Dr. Samuel T. Dwakins, Kanzler Dr. Oliver Fromm

The Unternehmerverband Nordhessen dedicated this year's special prize of 1,500 euros to the idea of "PEERSCOPE" by Prof. Dr. Kilian Singer and Dr. Samuel Dawkins, both employees of the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Kassel. The PEERSCOPE presentation system optimizes the technology for video conferences and presentations. The users are virtually located on two sides of an interactive glass pane, so that all non-verbal signals can be transmitted in real time and misunderstandings can be minimized. The award was presented by Thomas Meyer, 1st Vice Chairman of the Association.

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