1. Registration
    Students have to register for the „Studienleistung Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum“ in the HIS system.

  2. Introductory Lecture
    At the beginning of the winter term an introductory lecture is given for all Advanced Lab Courses. Students are required to participate as it includes security instructions. During the introductory lecture, the personal schedule sheet is handed out.

  3. Lab course groups
    The experiments are performed in groups of two. The groups work together for the entire course.

  4. Schedule sheets
    The personal schedule sheets have to be shown to the tutor at the date of the experiment and when handing in and receiving the protocol.

  5. Before each experiment
    Students are required to contact the experiment’s tutor at most two weeks before the scheduled date to receive information on the experiment. If students do not contact the tutor in time, the experiment can be counted as failed.

  6. Preparation
    Students are expected to prepare properly for the experiments. A list of relevant topics is given in the manual. If questions to the physics remain, students can contact the tutor. During preparation, students take notes of the experiments’ physical background on two pages of paper. The notes are to be shown to the tutor on the day of the experiment.

  7. Initial interview
    At the beginning of the experiment the tutor interviews the students on their preparation. If they are not properly prepared, the tutor is obliged to register a failure. The students will receive a new date for the same experiment.

  8. Safety measures
    After the interview the tutor instructs the students on the specific safety precautions for the experiment. Students assure per signature that they have understood the instructions and that they will perform the required precautions. If you are pregnant, please contact Arne Senftleben to discuss the possibility of further security measures.

  9. Experimental protocol
    Students have to write a protocol for each experiment. This has to include the following:
    • Short description (two pages) of the physical background based on the notes taken during preparation.
    • Sketch of experimental set-up, documentation of all experimental parameters and measured values.
    • Analysis of results including error assignment.
    • Summary and critical discussion of the results.
    The “How to write a protocol” guide has to be obeyed.

  10. Handing in the protocol
    Protocols have to be handed in to the corresponding tutor within two weeks after the experiments. The tutor will check the protocol for correctness and in case will verify (“testieren”) the experiment. Students have one chance to correct the protocol. If it is not verified after the first correction, the experiment is registered failed. Students will receive a new date for another experiment.

  11. Additional dates / repetition of experiments.
    In each term, one additional experimental date is possible. If you have to repeat more than one experiment, this will be possible in a consecutive term.

  12. Illness
    If you cannot perform an experiment because you are ill, you will need to show a medical certificate.

  13. Miscellaneous
    If unexpected problems arise during the lab course, please contact Arne Senftleben.